It's not all that ridiculous.

Thanks for your invitation to the party.

Lincoln set out to abolish slavery in the United States.

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Some holy men affected sackcloth and ashes.

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President Obama and Vice President Biden launch the Campaign to Cut Waste, which will hunt down and eliminate misspent tax dollars in every agency and department across the Federal Government.

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The principles of building a German sentence differ remarkably from those of building a Russian sentence.

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I think we should ask Matthieu who told him that.

Children should only speak when they're spoken to.

I knew who he was.

Give them a hand, will you?

If my husband will find tickets for the concert, he will buy two also for you.

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I just want to talk.

Please let me carry your bag.

I went to the same high school as Kanthan did.


Raj understood why Joe didn't want to go to Boston with him.

They went their separate ways.

For some reason, she's really furious with me.


I spent the whole week alone, and I longed for conversation.

This is the real thing.

Bradley knows a man whose daughter lives in Boston.

My family is under the control of my mother.

Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell you that solitude is fine.

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Things won't change too much.

Do you like giving haircuts?

Leonard hasn't had her dinner yet.

Leith found Gretchen's diary, but only the last three pages remained.

They spent the entire day on the beach.

Marcos doesn't act like a leader.

You have to be quick.


Suwandi suspected that his father was dyslexic.

"The economy has opened up a faultline in the Atlantic," announces La Stampa, reporting on the impact of recent remarks by Barack Obama which imply that the poor management of the Eurozone crisis is to blame for the feeble outlook for growth in the US.

Say it ain't so.

It seems I'm going to be up all night tonight.

You don't have to do that if you don't really want to.

He always prefers to surround himself with girls.

When the telephone rings, you must answer right away.

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I wanted to be Kari.

Thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find - nothing.

I speak English.

I'm not deaf.

Ernest didn't explain it well enough for me to understand.

We can talk about it in the future.

You have very acute hearing.

I'm sure Spock will return my calls eventually.

Why should I stop him?

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Christina likes to wear brightly colored orange pants.

Emma fought like a cornered rat.

Show them the magazine.

I'd open the window: I need some fresh air.

My primary concern is your safety.


I must excuse myself from the task, because I am unequal to it.

When did you paint your bicycle?

The truth can be overwhelming.


I was just wondering if maybe there was some more milk in the refrigerator.

She got what she deserved.

Battle's never proven peace.


You don't have to be scared.


Dan didn't even know who his father was.

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If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone else?


She dressed like an actress.

I'd love a cold drink.

You should know better than that.


He always forgets to say goodbye to people when leaving.

The biggest problem in Sid and Mitchell's marriage is Rajesh's mother's interference.

Let's go eat. I'm starving.

I've been working since I was sixteen years old.

Lana certainly attracted a lot of attention.

He attempted to sidestep a conflict with his chief.

Did you call him?

I am unable to walk as fast as he can.

Everyone sat down to eat.


Jim is taller than any of his friends.

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He is far from poor, in fact he has a lot of money.

We still have to look for the hook.

The tax bore hard on the peasantry.

I'm sure Kevyn is proud as well.

Syun's funeral is today.


I'll make her some sandwiches.

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The boy spends hours drawing short stories about superheroes.

I'm searching for food.

Don't try that at home.

I wouldn't agree to that.

He used to suffer from stomach aches.


You have two flowers.

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Emma threw some sausages into the frying pan.

Anatole knows what he wants to hear.

She was taking a nap all the time.

An individual with an annual income of more than 15 million yen is required to file his or her final tax return in March.

He equipped his son with the will to persevere.

Sekkura is a qualified chef.

What made her mad?


Philippe was looking at a map of the area.


We can't accept all of these.

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I told Ricky I was going out.

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What do you want them for?


I was quoting him.

Talking of Smith, what has become of his daughter?

Leif may use my video camera if he wants to.

Sanand wanted to quit smoking.

We have a break from 10:40 to 11:00.

She's going to get married to Mr. Johnson on June 4th.

She expresses herself in a rather stilted manner.

Perhaps you should try doing one thing at a time.

None of those books is interesting.


Laurel put her knitting aside and stood up.


We had a lovely time at the dance.


They come to collect the post at three o'clock, every afternoon.

They arrived on flight 201.

Roxane stubbed his toe.


He took hope from that fact.


Howard might not be able to come.

Where is a toilet?

Ram put the key into his pocket.

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I hope it's worth it.

One of Serbia's allies was Russia.

She aimed at the target.

That's very touching.

Mehrdad nodded immediately.

I couldn't come to his birthday party.

She declined my invitation.


She was a gorgeous girl of 22.

I've got a project for you.

If I knew it was going to upset you so much, I wouldn't have mentioned it.

It's clear Stephe isn't going anywhere.

Phil has been a nervous wreck ever since we arrived.

They are hand in glove.

Lorry swims well.

I was very happy for Nikolai.

If she gets some antibiotics and sleeps, she'll get better.

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Do you have a pocketknife I can borrow?


Everything's in your room.


My grandfather was born in 1920.

He is as great an artist as lived.

As soon as I get to Hokkaido, I'll drop you a line.

My mum let me go to the movies.

If you were given ten million dollars, how would you spend it?


She was punished for careless driving.

Mason was hurt bad.

The cup is nice.

He paid as much as a million dollars for the painting.

I hope you all learn something.

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"How do I look?" "You look retarded."

My vet recommended putting my dog to sleep.

He will always be there.


We had beaten a football giant.

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What is she dancing to?

He just couldn't do it.

What do I need to know?


Was that the girl who was looking at you?


Mechael unlocked the closet.

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I suggest you go west.

Rajiv said he knew you.

The Spanish language has opened many doors for him.